Terrence Soc Rehab

Thank You in Recovery

I give this to all of you.
A winter’s smile wrapped upon my being.
You were good to me like spring dew.
But the time is revolving where wings can stretch.
And you kept my “oh so” secrets and wrong-doings chained.
Your council confidence in me is stronger than the pencil I clench.
As I recall there were many who helped along my laboring, crater-like steps to recovery.
Faces flash with mixes of their good, nurturing words.
I may have had some favorites that worked hard with me bravely.
Yet through every ones’ honesty, including your honesty: I would not be cured.
The duality of this is as cold as winter’s dark teeth.
So a choice to take your “pill” was clear as your word.
I must say thank you to every one for my present clarity.
Even though my season has yet to unfold at hand, I must say again thank you all.
Thank you for the wisdom to know that my recovery is up to me.