In November of 2016 on a chilly evening, Mon Yough Community Services organized and hosted a Community Forum with WPIC about Health Issues in the Mon Valley. It was the first time that clients, families, social services, first responders, hospital staff, peers and civic and religious leaders gathered in the same room at MYCS to discuss the major health issues being faced by the people in our communities.

Everyone shared and revealed things that were working, as well as the areas needing much improvement.

We listened.

We are already seeing major results from the forum that identified gaps in mental health and addiction services that were being provided. Due to lack of transportation for treatment services, you let us know what was needed locally and in priority order.

Recently, UPMC McKeesport Hospital has opened a detox/rehab unit.

Now, someone can move from emergency treatment, right to detox and rehab and Outpatient Treatment without a break in services and located right in the Valley, greatly improving the chance for someone to stay in treatment.
We thank UPMC McKeesport Hospital for this groundbreaking new program and most importantly, for listening and responding to the community.