Our Resources for Children

Our Master’s level clinical staff provide supportive and goal-oriented therapy for children ages 5-17, as well as families. Outpatient services can be at the McKeesport office or at a school that has a satellite office through MYCS. Please call for the most recent list of school collaborations. Individual, family, and group therapy have been proven to improve a student’s ability to succeed. Read More

SAP is part of a multidisciplinary school team that works closely with school employees to identify students who are exhibiting “at risk” behaviors. The goal of the Student Assistance Program (SAP) is to identify barriers and help students overcome these issues to achieve academic success. These include, but are not limited to: behavioral health concerns, family related difficulties and/or alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. Read More

The Substance Use Prevention Program of MYCS is to brings greater awareness to the community about the effects of substance use while providing up-to-date information on current health issues. The prevention program also provides educational programs in schools and throughout the community to enhance protective factors and reduce risk factors. Read More


  • Fostering for children and young adults with unique needs
  • Family Living through fostering or Lifesharing
  • Free training
  • 24-hour professional staff support
  • Adoptive and non-adoptive homes

The Service Coordination Unit takes a team approach in supporting individuals’ efforts to achieve and maintain optimum quality of life in the community. Service Coordination Unit teams work together, partnering with other community and natural supports, to do whatever it takes to meet the dynamic needs of those we serve. Read More