Service Coordination

The Service Coordination Unit takes a team approach in supporting individuals’ efforts to achieve and maintain optimum quality of life in the community. Service Coordination Unit teams work together, partnering with other community and natural supports, to do whatever it takes to meet the dynamic needs of those we serve.
Service Coordinators assist with:

  • Assessing- strengths and needs, developing individualized service plans and linking to the supports and services needed to achieve the client’s self- selected goals.
  • Service Planning- focus on all aspects of life, including housing, education, socialization, physical and mental health, employment and income.
  • Linking- to MYCS services and community supports to help make a positive change.
  • Coordinating- Working together to help you reach your personal goals.
  • Evaluating/Monitoring- Working with you towards achievement with your recovery oriented goals and follow through with needs being addressed.
  • Advocating- working to ensure easy access to quality care and full community participation.

In addition, this service aligns itself with wellness initiatives that drive collaboration between physical health and mental health providers, ensuring a holistic approach to an individual’s care.

Referrals for Service Coordination may come from your therapist, nurse or psychiatrist. For more information and assistance, please contact our Service Coordination Unit @ 412-346-9743.