Recovery Services

The Service Coordination Unit takes a team approach in supporting individuals’ efforts to achieve and maintain optimum quality of life in the community. Service Coordination Unit teams work together, partnering with other community and natural supports, to do whatever it takes to meet the dynamic needs of those we serve.

Service Coordinators assist with:

  • Assessing– strengths and needs, developing individualized service plans and linking to the supports and services needed to achieve the client’s self- selected goals.
  • Service Planning– focus on all aspects of life, including housing, education, socialization, physical and mental health, employment and income.
  • Linking– to MYCS services and community supports to help make a positive change.
  • Coordinating– Working together to help you reach your personal goals.
  • Evaluating/Monitoring– Working with you towards achievement with your recovery oriented goals and follow through with needs being addressed.
  • Advocating– working to ensure easy access to quality care and full community participation.

In addition, this service aligns itself with wellness initiatives that drive collaboration between physical health and mental health providers, ensuring a holistic approach to an individual’s care.

Referrals for Service Coordination may come from your therapist, nurse or psychiatrist. For more information and assistance, please contact our Service Coordination Unit @ 412-346-9743.

In recovery, every little victory counts and we can help!

Do you or someone you support need help…

  • Making friends?
  • Gaining self-confidence?
  • Managing your anxiety?
  • Maintaining independence?
  • Going back to school?

We collaborate with you to determine your best opportunity. Services can be provided on-site or in the community, and with the option of a group or individual setting.

You have the opportunity to improve your mental health recovery by participating in these rehabilitation programs held daily from 9:00am-4:00pm at the MYCS Resource Center at 236 Fifth Avenue, McKeesport.

MYCS Social and Psychiatric Rehabilitation programs offer a variety of interactive groups and activities to support your recovery and enhance your life. You have an opportunity to work with peers and staff to expand your skills in all life domains. Staff will work with you to develop and improve social skills such as communication, living skills such as budgeting and cooking, learning skills such as basic computer and enrolling in educational programs, and skills to help obtain and maintain employment. Staff is also available to help you improve your physical and mental wellness by teaching skills to help identify symptoms and talk to your providers. Finally, staff can teach how to independently navigate public transportation in the community, volunteer skills, and participating in other community activities. Skill-based groups and team sports are also offered to provide social interactions in a friendly supportive environment.

Rehabilitation services promotes recovery, full community integration and improving quality of life for adults who have been diagnosed with any mental health illness. The focus is to help you develop skills and access resources to live a meaningful daily life.

The Community Supportive Housing program provides community based wrap-around support for adults interested in assistance with functioning independently in their own homes or residential housing throughout the Greater Mon Valley. Services are designed to enhance:

  • community orientation
  • medical and dental service access
  • medication management
  • budgeting
  • nutrition and meal planning
  • community resource development
  • exploration of housing options.

The frequency and intensity of services depends on the individual’s skill level and needs.

Referrals for Community Based Supportive Housing can be submitted directly to the Community Supportive Housing Supervisor. If you are not enrolled in services with Mon Yough Community Services, the Allegheny County Housing Referral is required. Questions regarding the referral process for Community Based Supportive Housing can be directed to the Supervisor at 412-675-8480.

In this program, you will work with a Health Navigator to determine your Wellness goals and schedule your activities based on your personal plan and goals. Clients are identified by Community Care Behavioral Health to participate in a Wellness Program. Clients can also be identified by their Therapist, Psychiatrist, SC and CPS.

Clients and Health Navigators (Coaches) and the Wellness nurse collaborate to monitor your progress, provide guidance and support weekly. Wellness Goals are 4 to 6wks.

Some areas of wellness that are addressed are:

  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Stress management
  • Smoking cessation
  • Physical activity
  • Sleep and Rest
  • Medical Care and Screening
  • Medication Management

We work side by side with you and monitor your progress over a 4 to 6 week period.

“Through a lived recovery experience, we not only talk the talk, we walk the walk.”

Do you think it would help to work with someone who has been where you are??

We offer a Peer Support Program to assist you in reaching your recovery goals.

As part of your recovery, you may be assigned a Certified Peer Specialist. This is someone who can share the understanding of mental health conditions through their own personal life experiences. They understand the difficulties and barriers to recovery firsthand. They assist and empower you by identifying a main concern, then help you to explore new options. They are a mentor, companion, educator and advocate that can provide hope, encouragement, support and self-determination. They help to provide a connection to your community.

All peers have been trained as Wellness Coaches and assist consumers with the integration of their physical and mental health, to provide whole person care.

Eligibility for services include: Must be 18 years or older with a severe and persistent behavioral health diagnosis, having been identified through a psychiatric evaluation completed within the last year.

Service Enrollment: If you are enrolled with Mon Yough Community Services (MYCS), an internal referral form can be completed by your case manager, the Intake Department, or any member of your MYCS Treatment Team.

If you are not enrolled in services with MYCS, please contact 412-675-8480 and dial ****follow the prompts to the service of interest.