Mental Health Residential Services

The community mental health residential services of MYCS enable individuals over the age of 18 with a chronic mental health diagnosis an opportunity to achieve personal growth and fulfillment. These programs:

  • Enhance the development of skills
  • Develop habits necessary to prevent re-hospitalization
  • Encourage successful community reintegration

MYCS staff members emphasize autonomy in all phases of residential life.

  • Service plans are individualized to focus on the strengths, needs and preferences of each person served
  • Family members are involved in the care process
  • Focus on maintaining meaningful employment and involvement in community and religious activities

The various levels of the residential services differ in their intensity and goals. Each service is designed to afford individuals the opportunity to transition through the stages as their needs change.

If you have questions regarding residential services contact the Program Director at 412-675-8561

In the Enhanced Care CRR (Community Residential Rehabilitation) program:

  • Services are delivered in a group home setting
  • Provides a high level of support and supervision 24/7
  • Goals typically focus on increasing skill levels of daily living, medication management and community reintegration
  • These services are designed to be:
    • Intensive
    • A Short-term housing option
    • Provide residents with skills to successfully reintegrate into the community and obtain more independent housing

MYCS has 3 Comprehensive Mental Health Personal Care Homes including:

  • 13 beds at Lysle Home Place
  • 14 beds at 5th Avenue Place
  • 8 beds at Versailles Home Place

The Long Run Road Mental Health Personal Care Home is an 18-bed facility where residents receive:

  • Specialized geriatric services
  • Structured group recreation/education
  • Socialization
  • Life skills
  • Creative art
  • Reality orientation and sensory stimulation
  • Long-term housing option with individuals residing here until a higher level of care is required.

Residents also work on:

  • Medication management
  • Activities of daily living
  • Budgeting

Individuals served at this level typically have not been successful in other community housing options.

These services provide:

  • A high level of supervision and support
  • Social, education and recreation groups on site
  • Medication management
  • Activities of daily living
  • Long term housing option with individuals residing here until a higher level of care is required or they choose to move to alternative housing

This is a Referral Based Program

If you would like to refer someone for placement in an MYCS Mental Health Residential Program, a referral is required to be completed and submitted to the Allegheny County Department of Human Services. Please contact:

Allegheny County
Phone 412-350-4457
Fax 412-350-4245

Referrals are typically completed by a social worker or service coordinator.

If you need assistance in obtaining a service coordinator, please contact MYCS at 412-675-8300.