IDD Vocational Services

At MYCS, We offer an array of day programs to support individuals with disabilities to obtain community participation, vocational, and employment opportunities.

For questions regarding our services and how to apply for funding please reach out to the following:

  • MYCS Vocational Program Supervisors at (412) 672-3400
  • Allegheny County Department of Human Services:
  • Office of Intellectual Disabilities 412-253-1399
  • Your Individual Supports Coordinator
      • Adult training facilities strive to facilitate the highest possible level of integration into community life through staff-supported vocational opportunities through community participation supports, both volunteer and paid work opportunities, fostering lasting friendships with non-challenged members of the community, and embracing a valued role in their community.
      • Social and paid work opportunities offer support for individuals living with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities as they journey toward self-fulfillment and independence as a contributing member of the community.
      • Supported Employment offers individuals with both mental health and intellectual and/or developmentally disabilities assistance in all phases of employment including, career assessment, creating a resume, job development, interviewing skills, job coaching and support. Services are customized to the needs and desires to provide a pathway to integrated employment.
      • Service goals support individuals with a person-centered approach and use evidence based practices within their journey toward independence within the working community.
      • This is accomplished by aiding in building a support system to help prepare for the attainment and maintenance of meaningful, competitive, integrated employment.
      • Our Supported Employment Specialists can assist you in all phases of employment. We are here to help you gain meaningful and sustained employment in the community.
      • We offer services through ODP Waiver funding, OVR, and Allegheny County MH funded supported employment.

      Please call us at (412) 672-3400 to get started today.


      OBH Universal Supported Employment Referral Form 2020

      Our Seniors Connection Program is a dually licensed facility through the Department of Aging for Older Adults and Department of Human Services Adult Training Facility Regulations. We strive to support individuals based on their needs at all spectrums of adult life.

      • Seniors Connection Program strives to maintain and/or enhance skills and socialization for retired individuals with developmental disabilities over the age of 60, or diagnosed with dementia.
      • This is accomplished through individualized community outings, age appropriate activities and involvement with other senior programs.
      • Skill development or skills maintenance is available in the areas of prevocational options, housekeeping, homemaking, leisure and recreation, socialization and relaxation.
      • All senior service planning is driven by the desires and needs of the participants, while providing supports to obtain positive, valued roles within their residential, post-vocational, and community

      Vocational Rehabilitation Services offer community participation supports, paid training opportunities in marketable career areas, such as janitorial cleaning services, restaurant food services and bulk mail sub-contracts.

      • Vocational training activities are individualized to fit the aptitudes and aspirations of the individual served, with the goal of preparation for community employment.
      • Our primary goal is to assist individuals with challenges in attaining the highest possible level of vocational and community independence, fostering the development of skills and positive outcomes needed to create a meaningful and satisfying vocational experience.
      • Individuals served by Market Street Mail are provided the opportunity to develop a heightened sense of self-worth, pride and satisfaction that comes from earning a paycheck and performing a needed community service.
      • Bulk mail service contracts with both large and small community businesses, offer a consistent source of income for individuals living with challenges.
      • Clean Sweep Janitorial offers individuals the opportunity to perform a valuable service to their community while developing self-esteem through earning a competitive wage.
      • Service contracts with businesses in both the local area and the greater Pittsburgh area offer variety and recognition of value within the community.
      • This service is offered through both small group employment and community participation supports.
      • The Corner Café provides food-service training that assists individuals with valuable training opportunities for those interested in the catering, fast food, and cafeteria-style food preparation.
      • This service offers a full range of training options that encompass Health Department regulations, food preparation techniques, kitchen safety, and everyday home skills.
      • Small group employment services consist of supporting individuals in transitioning to competitive integrated employment through work in a non-licensed community setting.
      • Clean Sweep Janitorial offers people the opportunity to perform a valuable service to their community while developing self-esteem through earning a competitive wage.
      • Service contracts with businesses in both the local and the greater Pittsburgh area offer variety and recognition of value within the community.

      Funding for these services is paid through the Office of Developmental Programs, Intellectual Disabilities Waiver Programs.

      Waivers currently served are:

      • Consolidated Waiver
      • Person/Family Directed Support Waiver(PFDS)
      • Community Living Waiver.