Here’s your chance to make our community better.

Volunteers provide important services and support as MYCS helps individuals in our communities Get Better.

Send us your contact information using the links below:

The application and letters of recommendation will be sent to you and are to be completed by both students and volunteers interested in externships. There is a drop-down box that will asks for “type” meaning student or volunteer. A student would select “extern”, a volunteer could choose from adult or teen. If the box is not available during the application time, there are other open text boxes such as “type of volunteer work preferred” where students-volunteers should indicate their status (student or volunteer)

Please Provide Two (2) letters of recommendation:

These references can be from anyone of your choosing such as a RA, professor, advisor, or employer. References must be formal written references, not just contact information. As an alternative to a formal written reference letter, references can apply electronically.


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If you need further clarification please contact:

Monica Blazwich
*Email: [email protected]