Inaugural Blog

You will be guided, informed, and hopefully uplifted by the people we serve, our partners, and those who serve at Mon Yough Community Services. We have been quietly serving your friends and neighbors in the Mon Valley—perhaps yourself or someone you know– for 49 years.

In this climate of opioid and addiction crisis affecting us all, we can no longer quietly serve.

Perhaps you have not been touched by mental health or addiction issues personally, but I find most have been affected by the ripple effects of these kinds of incidents…

…an adult child who has been in & out of recovery programs. Most recently, after detox, the child came home to “shower and change”. She disappeared for weeks and was located across the country.

….another’s adult child detoxed at home over a weekend because there were no openings in a facility– wreaking havoc on an entire family.

…beds and other furniture are delivered for someone who had immediate custody of grandchildren because the parents had both overdosed.

…children placed in Foster Care because addicted parents could no longer provide adequate care for them.

We all need to do better and you can help.

We need to let people know about the current services offered in the Valley. We promise to keep you all appraised of new or expanding services. We will provide links and attachments for you to share, so spread the word.