Our Impact

Frances was alone, and frustrated that no one seemed to understand her need for independence. With a history of substance use, diabetes, and mental illness, she sought help in places that tried to dictate her behavior without really understanding her needs. Then she discovered MYCS. Mon Yough Community Services was a place where she could get help & support. A place that recognized the scope of her problems and could help her to acknowledge them and work to improve her life at her own pace and priorities. “I love it here,” Frances says. “They let me be who I am. I have my life back.”

Helping people to grow to be their best possible selves is what MYCS is all about. Frances is one case, but there are hundreds of stories others can tell. The people are young & old, students & business people, the physically healthy & the infirmed. They are the neighbor down the street. They are me and you. They are people who can talk about their illness as they search for help, and those with severe intellectual disabilities, who have no voice in society- the most vulnerable. For all of them—all of us, we are a voice, a haven, and a beacon of hope.

Beginning with three staff persons in a McKeesport office, MYCS provided outpatient treatment. Over 48 years later, MYCS has grown to a staff of over 350 employees and provides mental wellness assistance on all levels, from early childhood outpatient to in-home for the critically ill.

MYCS’s mission is: To foster hope, renewal, healing and wellness for those who face the challenges of mental health, substance abuse disorders, and developmental disabilities.