Vocational Business Alliance

Vocational Rehabilitation services offer paid training opportunities in marketable career areas, such as janitorial cleaning services, restaurant food services and bulk mail sub-contracts. Vocational training activities are individualized to fit the aptitudes and aspirations of the individual served, with the goal of preparation for community employment. The primary goal of VBA is to assist individuals with challenges in attaining the highest possible level of vocational independence, fostering the development of skills and positive outcomes needed to create a meaningful, satisfying vocational experience.

  • Market Street Mail
    Individuals served by Market Street Mail are provided the opportunity to develop a heightened sense of self-worth, pride and satisfaction that comes from earning a paycheck and performing a needed community service. Bulk mail service contracts with both large and small community businesses, offering a consistent source of income for individuals living with challenges.
  • Clean Sweep Janitorial services
    Clean Sweep Janitorial offers people the opportunity to perform a valuable service to their community while developing self-esteem through earning a competitive wage. Service contracts with businesses in both the local area and the greater Pittsburgh area offer variety and recognition of value within the community.
  • Corner Café
    The Corner Café provides food-service training that assists individuals with valuable training opportunities for those interested in the catering, fast food, and cafeteria-style food preparation. This service offers a full range of training options that encompass Health Department regulations, food preparation techniques, kitchen safety, and everyday home skills.