Working together for a better future

Based on principles of Recovery, Self-Determination and Every Day Living, MYCS enables persons living with developmental disabilities and other challenges to achieve valued social and vocational roles, as well as mutually fulfilling relationships with non-disabled members of their community. Individuals can access MYCS training and programs with paid work opportunities, including Market Street Mail Service (a bulk mail processing facility) , Clean Sweep Janitorial Service, Corner Café, and Superior Shredding.

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Community Habilitation

CADS strives to facilitate the highest possible level of integration into community life through staff-supported vocational opportunities, fostering lasting friendships with non-challenged members of the community…

Opportunities Unlimited

Opportunities Unlimited offers a full range of training experiences for individuals with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities in areas such as personal care skills, pre-vocational training and social/community skills…

Seniors Connection

The goal of the Seniors Connection service is to maintain and/or enhance skills and socialization for retired individuals with developmental disabilities over the age of 60, or diagnosed with dementia…

Supported Employment Services

Recovery-based supportive employment offers individuals of mental health services assistance in all phases of employment including job development, placement, job coaching, follow-up monitoring…

Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation services offer paid training opportunities in marketable career areas, such as janitorial cleaning services, restaurant food services and bulk mail sub-contracts…