The Service Coordination Unit (SCU) serves those who have complex needs relating to mental health problems. Individuals receive assistance with identifying strengths and needs, goal planning, and accessing and navigating MYCS and other community supports and services.

Service Coordination Unit
MYCS Service Coordination Unit takes a team approach in supporting individuals’ efforts to achieve and maintain optimum quality of life in the community. Four Service Coordination Unit teams work together to do whatever it takes to meet the dynamic needs of those we serve.

There are two levels of mental health Service Coordination. Administrative Service Coordinators (ASC) serve as key members of the MYCS treatment team for everyone that uses MYCS treatment ervices. They provide service as needed when a person who is otherwise managing in the community has a specific need for assistance. Examples of assistance provided include accessing entitlements, helping with housing problems and accessing community supports and services.

Targeted Service Coordinators (TSCs) provide continuous and regular support for those whose needs are more complex. The intensity of the service is fitted to the needs of the individual. Routine contact between a Targeted Service Coordinators and an individual using the service may be only once per month or as frequent as once a week when needed. MYCS employs TSCs who specialize in serving adults as well as those whose expertise is navigating the child serving system so we are able to meet the needs of all age groups.

Service Coordinators assist with assessing individual strengths and needs, developing individualized service plans and linking to the supports and services needed to achieve the client’s self-selected goals. Service plans focus on all aspects of life, including housing, education, socialization, physical and mental health, and income. Our service coordinators also function as advocates for the individuals we serve, working to ensure easy access to quality care and full community participation.

Enhanced Clinical Service Coordination (ECSC)
The ECSC team is there to provide the treatment and community support needed by individuals whose ability to function in the community is severely compromised by behavioral health disorders. The team includes a masters’ level therapist, a psychiatric nurse, very experienced service coordinators and  peer support. Eligibility for the program is determined by Community Care Behavioral Health.

Mobile Behavioral Health Team  
The MYCS Mobile Behavioral Health Team (MBHT) delivers psychiatric care and services to individuals in their homes. This program is available for those who are homebound, as well as to those who have been unable to use traditional site-based services effectively. Our multidisciplinary team approach includes a psychiatrist, nurses, and service coordinators.

Internal Advocate
MYCS wants everyone who uses our services to know and understand their rights as a behavioral health service recipient. Agency procedures are in place to protect those rights. If an individual or their family has a problem with our services and needs assistance in following the agency complaint and grievance procedures, they may contact the Internal Advocate. The Internal Advocate has advocacy experience and will strive to insure that individuals are able to use the agency procedures to their fullest advantage.

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