Mon Yough Community Services, Inc. is committed to meeting the needs of each individual we serve. There is a great deal of diversity in our community and there are individuals and populations with unique needs. Therefore, we have developed specialized programs to fulfill the needs of our consumers. For our Drug & Alcohol consumers, these programs include:

HIV Early Intervention
This program provides free and confidential HIV testing and counseling, HIV/STD education for staff and clients, case management services, and client-centered risk reduction. Our goal is to provide HIV/AIDS services to all of our Drug & Alcohol clients. Services are provided in two locations: McKeesport and Downtown Pittsburgh.

Healthcare for the Homeless
The goal of this program is to provide homeless persons with access to medical and D&A treatment services. We provide referrals and transportation to detoxification, inpatient, and mental health treatment, as well as healthcare and dental prescriptions.

Homeless Case Management
Our Homeless Case Management Program provides referrals and transportation to housing shelters, detoxification, and inpatient treatment. Our goal is to prevent homelessness during the winter months.

Allegheny County Jail Peer Counseling/Client Advocacy
We provide peer counseling for individuals incarcerated in the Allegheny County Jail living with HIV/AIDS. We provide education and support for these individuals.

HIV Testing Site Mon-Valley Services


Initiated in 1972, the Treatment Accountability for a Safer Community (TASC) Program is a response to the recognized links between substance abuse and criminal behavior. The goal of TASC is to interrupt the persistent drug-using behavior of offenders by linking the sanctions of the criminal justice system to the therapeutic process of substance abuse treatment. Individuals enrolled in TASC are tracked throughout their involvement in substance abuse treatment and their progress in treatment is routinely reported to the appropriate component of the criminal justice system. Urine analysis monitoring is provided to ensure an individual’s compliance with parole/probation and program treatment plans as well as a method for identifying individuals who are in danger of relapsing back into addiction and/or criminal behavior. Program services and monitoring are increased for individuals who test positive for alcohol and/or drugs. In addition, case management services are provided as ancillary support for the recovery process.