Community Service is for everyone.

If you belong to a service organization, you know how important your role is to continued operations of non profits such as MYCS. If you would like to know more about how your organization can help the Intellectually Disabled in the community to Get Better, please contact the Human Resources office at 412-675-6498.

If you are a student, know that community service is an ideal way to strengthen your resume, or learn if a particular career avenue is for you. If you want to show future employers or organizations that you care, are trustworthy, reliable and responsible, there I no better way than volunteering your time. The work you undertake may not be glamorous, but be assured your time and effort is well appreciated.

If you are an individual community member with a desire to help, we can find a place for you. Please contact us and we can discuss where your strengths can do the most good.

Our needs are great – we have many would-be consumers—and not enough resources. We treasure any help you can give us. Sharing your talents and strengths with those less fortunate is a true community building experience. Although we don’t always post where we need help, know that your assistance is welcome. Please contact us at 412-675-6498. We would love to add your to the MYCS family of caring.

Community Service

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