H.O.W. Bazaar: Healthy Outreach Workshop

Healthy Outreach Workshop

MYCS recently completed our 3-day Healthy Outreach Workshop presented by UPMC! These three days were all about taking control of your health. Our consumers were able to learn about making healthy food choices, the benefits of daily fitness, and communicating openly with their doctor.

During these three days consumers were able to interact with a health coach, asking questions about their nutrition and how to incorporate fitness into their daily routines. Because everyone is different, consumers were able to learn about nutritional facts and physical activities best suited for their needs. Consumers also enjoyed a special presentation from Margaret Smith Washington, author of “Doctor, Can You Hear Me? Patient Are You Listening?” During her presentation, Margaret reminded our consumers of how important it is to openly describe their symptoms and feelings with their doctor. She also provided helpful hints for better communication during doctor visits.

Healthy Outreach Workshop (2)

MYCS is proud of our consumers for getting involved and learning more about their health and wellness. Way to go!